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Kenya Re building,4th floor, Upper hill Nairobi, kenya

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Tel:+254 758 031930

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Good Networking & Sharing

Good networking amongst members and other stakeholders and sharing of information through the
following means:

  • The need for an effective and efficient knowledge sharing network – to share core competencies and best practices;
    Effective Committee meetings and FG
  • Meetings, incl. improved collaboration between FGs
    The need for increased advocacy and awareness creation to member governments, e.g., on the
    importance of RMFs and RUCs development
  • Improved publishing and sharing of knowledge, practices & tools amongst members / RMFs; through established networks and events such as meetings, seminars; encouraging sharing of knowledge and experiences in the financing and management of road maintenance and safety
  • Promoting the ARMFA image and brand as opinion leader; through PR, marketing drives, etc.; e.g., through public seminars, events, meetings, published reports