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Kenya Re building,4th floor, Upper hill Nairobi, kenya

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Tel:+254 758 031930

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ARMFA encourages engagement from various stakeholders, including government bodies, private sector entities, and the public. This can be achieved through participation in events, contributing to knowledge-sharing platforms, and supporting advocacy efforts for sustainable road maintenance practices.
ARMFA stays informed about industry trends through collaborations with international organizations, participation in conferences and seminars, and engagement with experts in the field. The association actively seeks opportunities to incorporate the latest technologies and innovations into road maintenance practices.
ARMFA recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability in road maintenance. The association may encourage the adoption of eco-friendly practices, the use of recycled materials, and the implementation of environmentally responsible maintenance methods among its members.
Yes, ARMFA often organizes training sessions, workshops, and capacity-building programs for its members. These initiatives focus on enhancing the technical skills and knowledge of road maintenance professionals and promoting the adoption of modern technologies.
ARMFA works towards advocating for sustainable funding models for road maintenance. This includes engaging with policymakers, promoting public-private partnerships, and exploring innovative financing mechanisms to ensure consistent and reliable funding for road maintenance projects.
ARMFA members gain access to a network of road maintenance professionals, knowledge-sharing platforms, training opportunities, and collaborative initiatives. The association facilitates the exchange of information on best practices, funding strategies, and technological advancements in road maintenance.
Organizations interested in becoming ARMFA members can typically apply for membership through a formal process outlined on the association's website. This may involve meeting specific criteria and fulfilling membership requirements.